Pre-op Education Class was a Vital Part of Local Patient's Great Surgical Outcome

June 26, 2018
Pre-op Education Class

Jean enjoying one of her favorite activities — walking.

Jean Carpenter, 71, enjoys being active, but over the past decade she had been experiencing increasing pain in her spine. She tried many different things, but nothing was working, not even a spinal cord stimulator. Carpenter was referred to an orthopaedic surgeon who ran diagnostic tests and discovered the cause of her pain. “I was told I was a candidate for a lateral fusion procedure, which would be minimally invasive,” says Carpenter.

A Step in the Right Direction

As a long-time volunteer at the Orthopaedic Spine and Joint Center, Carpenter knew that to best prepare for her surgery, she should sign up for and attend the Back in Action program at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center. It includes a one-hour pre-op class that provides patients with detailed information on what they can expect before, during and after their surgery. Carpenter says taking the class was important to her because she was able to ask questions, get answers and prepare herself for recovery right after surgery. “I was determined to be active again and I had the right mindset going into my journey to be free of this pain,” she says.

Carpenter’s surgery was successful and she was able to be up and walking around not long after. “I never had pain in the area where I was operated on, and I was walking a mile a day with a physical therapist two weeks after my surgery,” says Carpenter. “The pre-op class thoroughly prepared me and there were no surprises during the recuperation and physical therapy process.” Carpenter had her surgery in October 2017 and can now walk 3.5 miles. She also enjoys weekly Zumba classes.

Grateful for her experience at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center, Carpenter has nothing but praise for the care she received. “The doctors, nurses and Care Coordinator Caroline McGrath saw to it that I was comfortable and meeting my post-op milestones. Without them and my husband, I don’t know where I would be right now,” says Carpenter.

Know What to Expect — Take the Pre-Op Education Class!

Lakewood Ranch Medical Center offers two different pre-op classes — the Marshall Steele program for patients receiving a hip or knee replacement and Back in Action for those having spinal surgery. Care Coordinator Caroline McGrath, who helps guide patients on their journey from pre-op to recovery, says the classes are structured in such a way to motivate and engage the patient in creating a positive outcome. “We want to help get the patients back to normal life as soon as possible. A one-hour class gives them all the information ahead of time so they can set themselves up for success,” she says. “We also emphasize the role the patients’ families play as coach and caregiver.”

The Orthopaedic Spine and Joint Center at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center can help you return to an active life. For more information on the pre-op programs, joint replacement or spinal surgery, call 941-782-2663.