Emergency Care You Can Trust

August 18, 2017
Ben Bettencourt
Judy Young, RN

Chief Nursing Officer Judy Young, RN, says it’s important to get the right level of care as quickly as possible in an emergency. “When patients come to the ER at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center, we have the capability to assess them, determine the right treatment and provide that care right away. If the patient is suffering from a heart attack, stroke or other major health crisis, time is of the essence.”

In 2016, Judy says 31,884 patients came through the ER. “Our Emergency Services team has an outstanding performance record for their ability to promptly diagnose, and if needed, admit patients to the hospital so that the next level of care can be provided,” she says.

"The Best Experience at Lakewood Ranch"

Ben Bettencourt certainly appreciated the care he received at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center. He went to a local urgent care for what he thought was a possible respiratory infection. But when the nurse checked his vital signs, she told him he would need to go to the ER by ambulance – his heart was only beating 20-30 beats per minute. When the ambulance driver asked Ben if he had a hospital preference, he said he was new to the area and didn’t have a doctor yet. The driver took Ben to the closest ER, Lakewood Ranch Medical Center.

“It was the best thing I ever did! The doctors quickly examined me and determined I needed a pacemaker. I was there for four days, and they treated me like a king,” says Ben. “The quality of care was top notch, and you could tell they loved what they were doing.”

Ben, a former construction worker, says he has been to the hospital plenty of times for injuries, but never had an experience like his stay at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center. “The people I met there, even the people who clean the rooms, they were fantastic. I tell everyone I had such a wonderful experience, and if I ever need to go to a hospital again, it will be Lakewood Ranch Medical Center,” says Ben.

Judy says that many patients want to receive care in their own community without having to travel for specialty care. “They feel comforted knowing if they need to go to the ER and need additional care, we are right here,” she says.

If you are experiencing an emergency and need urgent medical care, dial 9-1-1 immediately. Learn more about Lakewood Ranch Medical Center's emergency services.