Taking Cardiac Care to the Next Level

August 21, 2017
Taking Cardiac Care to the Next Level

TAVR Was His Only Hope

Buren Eagle, 90, had been experiencing fatigue and shortness of breath, and was referred to see Dr. Iyengar. Upon evaluation, Dr. Iyengar found that Buren’s heart valve was leaking and he had a heart murmur, as well as a build up of hard calcium.

“Normally, patients with Buren’s symptoms would have open-heart surgery, but if the person is not a candidate, then TAVR is an option,” says Dr. Iyengar. “The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes, is minimally invasive and patients usually go home after two days.”

Buren says the care he received at the hospital was excellent. He was impressed with his whole experience. “I noticed improvement the next day – my shortness of breath disappeared,” says Buren. “I feel great, and I can do more now than I could before, and I don’t get tired like I used to. I have nothing but praise for Dr. Iyengar and the medical staff!”

For more information on the Watchman or TAVR, please contact Amanda Harrington, RN, BSN, Structural Heart Navigator at 941-708-8064 or Amanda.Harrington@mmhhs.com, or visit the Heart and Vascular Center.

No More Blood Thinners

Lawrence Powers

Lawrence Powers, 94, had been on blood thinners due to atrial fibrillation. He was very active, but because of his age, he was at risk for falling, his cardiologist recommended that he get off blood thinners and thought the Watchman™ would improve his situation.

Srinivas Iyengar, MD, FACC, Structural Heart Director at Manatee Memorial Hospital, says Lawrence did very well following the Watchman insertion and was able to stop blood thinners 45 days after the procedure. “Minimizing the risks of stroke and falling is important. That’s why Watchman is such a great option. So far, 99 percent of our patients have been able to come off their blood thinners, which is fantastic,” says Dr. Iyengar. “I feel great! I had a great experience with a top-notch team of doctors in a top-notch hospital. I am so blessed,” says Lawrence.

Congratulations to Manatee Memorial Hospital's multidisciplinary cardiac emergency team, which was honored with the American Heart Association’s Mission: Lifeline Gold Achievement Award.

The Structural Heart Clinic at Manatee Memorial Hospital

Located across from the main hospital, this specialty clinic gives patients access to a team of heart specialists who work together to fully evaluate each patient and determine the best therapy. The clinical staff at this new office focus on treating aortic stenosis, stroke and bleeding risks associated with atrial fibrillation.

For more information, to send referrals, or for questions, contact the clinic coordinator at 941-708-8064 or fax 941-567-3300.