Manatee Healthcare System Health News Magazine Winter 2019

Health News Magazine Winter 2019 (December)

Health News from Manatee Healthcare System is a publication designed to bring you the latest news about Manatee Memorial Hospital, Lakewood Ranch Medical Center, Manatee Diagnostic Center and Manatee Physician Alliance, as well as health and wellness information you can use throughout the year.

In This Issue:
Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting
Winter 2019 (December)

Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting

Guests from throughout the community gathered in July at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center to celebrate the completion of the hospital’s $28 million expansion project.
Chambliss brothers standing in front of scanning machine
Winter 2019 (December)

Getting Ahead of the Game

The Chambliss brothers tell how a simple heart score test has changed their lives.
Structural Heart Team
Winter 2019 (December)

The Manatee Memorial Structural Heart Program

Heart issues can affect people of all different ages and levels of health. For individuals who are at higher risk, the Structural Heart Program at Manatee Memorial Hospital offers less-invasive treatment alternatives to open surgical procedures.
The Auld family before and after weight loss surgery
Winter 2019 (December)

Their New Life After Weight-Loss Surgery

After nearly 10 years of struggling with their weight, Lesley and Crystal Aulds are excited to have their health on track.
Specialized Stroke Team at Manatee
Winter 2019 (December)

When Every Minute Mattered

Specialized stroke treatment and technology at Manatee Memorial Hospital provided the care that Jane Caruso needed.
Pregnant Mom
Winter 2019 (December)

What to Expect at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center

The Lakewood Ranch Women’s Center provides a family-centered approach to care with a personalized birthing experience.
Doctor taking patient's blood pressure
Winter 2019 (December)

Aiming LOWER: Why Managing Blood Pressure is Vital to Good Health

High blood pressure isn’t something you can see or probably even feel, but it can have a significant impact on your health. Get helpful health tips from family medicine doctors Sara Wemlinger, DO, and Kelly Duggin, MD.