Getting Ahead of the Game

December 09, 2019
Chambliss brothers standing in front of scanning machine

The Chambliss brothers tell how a simple heart score test has changed their lives.

Paul Chambliss:

“My wife suggested I have a CT heart score test at Manatee Diagnostic Center when I turned 60 since my dad passed away at 62 from heart issues,” says Paul Chambliss. “It only cost $50, and I didn’t need a prescription. It doesn’t take but a few minutes. You just lay in the machine, it does its thing and you’re good to go.” Paul’s numbers, which provided a glimpse into his heart health, came back “pretty high,” he says. The results were sent to his cardiologist. From there, he had a stress test and a cardiac catheterization at Manatee Memorial Hospital, and he had two stents placed to treat blockages in his arteries. “After I had the stents, I’ve had so much more energy,” he says. “I told my brother, ‘This is in our family. Don’t wait, have the test. It’s better to do it when you don’t have a problem, and that way you’re getting ahead of the game.’”

John Chambliss:

“I didn’t think that getting tested prior to exhibiting any symptoms was an option for me,” says John Chambliss. After finding out from his brother about the CT heart score test, he reached out to Manatee Diagnostic Center. “They’re very flexible and easy, and the results are posted to a web portal. You can log in after you take the test and access the results by yourself.” As it turned out, he also had two blockages in the same place as his brother, and he had two stents placed by the same cardiologist. He exercises regularly but knows that doesn’t provide any guarantees. “Exercise doesn’t change genetics,” he says. Since he and his brother had the test, they’ve told multiple friends about it. “We feel really good that our experience has helped a lot of people.”

Learn more about the CT heart score test, available at the Riverside location. Manatee Diagnostic Center offers four locations for screening and diagnostic tests, including Riverside, Pointe West, Parrish and Arcadia.

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What is a CT Heart Score?

A computed tomography (CT) heart score is a noninvasive test that uses a CT scanner to take rapid cross-sectional images of your heart. Those images can show calcium buildup in your arteries, which is a potential sign of coronary artery disease. Results of your test must be sent to your physician or cardiologist. If you’re a male age 35-70 or a female age 40-70 with the risk factors below, talk with your doctor about whether this test may be right for you.

  • Diabetes
  • Overweight
  • Family history of heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Smoking