A Wire-Free, Advanced Approach to Breast Cancer Tumor Removal

June 25, 2018
A Wire-Free, Advanced Approach to Breast Cancer Tumor Removal

Radiologist Angela Sroufe, PhD, MD, says the Savi Scout® system is a more comfortable and convenient alternative to wire localization that allows radiologists and surgeons to precisely locate a tumor or non-cancerous breast abnormality. “Use of wireless localization technique allows the surgeon much more latitude in determining the surgical approach to removing the area of interest. In many cases, this may result in less normal breast tissue removed and an overall better cosmetic result,” she says.

Dr. Sroufe explains that a non-radioactive reflector the size of a grain of rice is inserted into the target area via ultrasound or mammographic guidance. The reflector can be inserted in advance of the day of surgery. The reflector is not visible and patients can go about their daily activities until the surgery.

Shawn Imhoof, Director of Diagnostic Imaging and the Breast Health Center at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center, says placing the reflector ahead of the surgery can reduce patient anxiety and mean faster transitions into the operating room on the day of surgery. “With wire localization, the wire placement and surgery have to be done on the same day. Often, there is a wait of several hours between the two procedures,” he says. “But with this approach, scheduling delays can be reduced, resulting in a more timely process for the patient.”

Doctors use a hand-held wand under real time guidance to locate the reflector, and remove it along with the affected area using a small incision. This helps to preserve as much healthy breast tissue as possible. “This remarkable new procedure provides an over all better experience with regard to a patient’s day of surgery,” says Dr. Sroufe.

Breast Health Services Expanding at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center

To accommodate our growing community and provide additional services, our Breast Health Center will be moving to Medical Office Building One, located on Lakewood Ranch Medical Center’s campus.

The new center will be offering a spa-like atmosphere where patients, both men and women, can have a full array of diagnostic breast imaging and procedures completed in one place. In addition to 3D tomosynthesis screening and diagnostic exams, other services include breast ultrasounds, ultrasound-guided biopsies, bone density scans and breast mass localizations (both wired and wireless detector placements). A second 3D mammography unit will make scheduling more efficient resulting in less wait time for patients.

Lakewood Ranch Medical Center currently performs stereotactic breast biopsies, and with the Breast Health Center expansion and relocation, they will be the first in the area offering the newest technology of 3D stereotactic breast biopsies.

The Breast Health Center will be located on the first floor of Medical Office Building One, Suite 160, 8340 Lakewood Ranch Blvd., Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202.

For continued updates on the opening of the Breast Health Center’s new location later this summer, follow Lakewood Ranch Medical Center on Facebook and Twitter.

For information, call 941-782-2662. To schedule an appointment, call 941-782-2264.